Jun 30, 2013

From who Dyckia hb Liz Taylor and Dyckia Bela comes from....

This is the magnificent magnifica blooming.

No one but me showed this. 
I was the first in January, 2011 to show it and I am the one up to now to show it!!
The other two blooms you can spot on the bottom right corner is of Dyckia delicata rubra
 Magnifica is a non describe Santa Catarina ( I live in Santa Catarina) native plant.
This name is a suggestion of mine!!!
The plant bears an unique blooming as you can see.


This is Dyckia delicata rubra bloming.

Isn´t it gorgeous!

This one above is Dyckia magnifica.
This is an adult plant, its blooms are shown on the top.

This is Dyckia delicata rubra

These two plants gave birth to the famous hybrid I made and named:

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor
(magnifica X delicata rubra)

Dyckia hb Bela
(Dyckia delicata rubra X Dyckia magnifica)

Any doubt:
constantinog@terra .com.br


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