Jun 8, 2013

Dyckia delicata dourada (golden form)

This plant is a only one in my garden and the only my hands touched.
 It is my pride. It was collected by a Brazilian climber champion.
Delicata dourada live upper on the vertical hill where delicatas live. 
They are smaller and they get all the Sun one can get. They are well exposed and on bare rock!  
Delicatas live amid trees and grasses on that slope in nature and in my opinion they all descent from douradas. Delicatas are really fallen stars!

This plant her suffered an attack of fungi and it is really a resurrected plant.
I treated it  and did all my best (best prayers) in order to save it. 
It spent the summer protect from the fierce Sun so it is now well but greener.
I simple love this beauty.

Isn´t it a cutie-cutie doll?
I am now well equipped for a field visit and I intend to film the douradas up the hill.
They are only seen from a long distance but cameras do miracle today.

Do you want to come along?
 This is the rarest of the rarest.



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