Jun 12, 2013

A rainy Wednesday morning  and I choose to clean  a basin  with  a Dyckia delicata and a delicata rubra.
Both plants already   had divided their crown and will continue so.
I will remove  by cutting the death leaves and blooming leftover
Notice how  vertical the plant get after  full division. This is the way the plant fights the excess of rain. The water won´t clog in the middle of the crown.

Notice how much death material.
This cleaning will prevent fungi attacks  and destructive insects.
The plant is not in its natural habitat and we must help it.
I will substitute some of the substrate, just the superficial one as the plants won´t be disturbed but fed.
This is gonna be a leisure time....
I will show the results here.
Weeds, take care! I am determined to get rid of you!


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