Feb 16, 2013

Dyckia hb Arizona X Dyckia hb White Fang

This beauty is a gift from a dear howdy gringo friend, a super grand daddy, and a incomparable
honored man. He´s some of those one can lead a whole life without  finding one.
I am proud of him.


This linking presents a song thr tes us about friendship
the singer ia a Bazilian one Sr. Miton Nascimento
This a Brazilian words, we speak Portuguese and this is how it sounds.
No matter you can´t undertand the words.
This song says friends are those things we lock wel within our hearts.

This plant is a marvel in human arts.
It is the result of the happy meeting of two already hybrid plants.
I love everything in here: color, leaves, spines, shape, size...

. .

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