Feb 17, 2013

These will be some of the most extrordinary posts I´ve made here

This is a 40yo Brazilian Botanist .
His name is Vilson Müler.
This is a fine person in all senses and brave young heart.

We are bond to see a lot of pictures taken by him in wilderness.
He goes bare footed and uses a cane but this does not prevents him from going where most of us
do not dare to go.
We are bond to see some spectacular pictures taken in habitat.

The plant is a Dyckia and a most spectacular one.

The most rare Dyckia enchoririoides spinosissima.
This is a plant I found in a very restricted population  on a beach close to the Atlantic Ocean.

Wilson learned  to  love Dyckias  when he visited my garden and heard my stories.
He got a Dyckia mind himself.
Wilson lives all by himself in a desert beach  some 56 kilometers from Joinville where I myself live.

This is Northeast Santa Catarina, South in Brazil.
Vilson lives by himself and eight stray dogs, four cats an many Dyckias.
From his home he faces this  sea Island we see here.
By the end of 2012 he said to me he had found  many, man,many Dyckias in  sea island in front  where he lives. The island is 20 minutes by  boat from the shore.



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