Feb 27, 2013

Dyckia goehringii and a half goehringii hybrid

Dyckia goehringii, the white ones I collected myself and the one to the left I recieved from  my American friend in Texas. Both spectacular ones.  the American plant is ball shaped as all Goehringii hybrids are.
this ball shaping is passed to the goehring hybrids when goehringii is the mother plant.
The American beauty has not bloomed here but I will compare both blooming.
When I saw pictures where this wonderful plant appeared, two years ago, I said hybrid!
I got many weird looks some eyebrow lifting and one enemy.
Well last here amid the many plants I´ve got from this adorable friend of mine this one jumped from the card box as a ball......I had some trouble in order to make well planted deep into the substrate. I had to fix it in place with two heavy iron wire V.
The plant is just extraordinary and begins to emit its own sprouts but nothing similar to the real Goehringii ones.


Compare them both here.

Take a good look at Dyckia goehringii sprouts.
They are heavy, thick and  simply unique.


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