Feb 13, 2013

Dyckia hb Snaggle Tooth...a gift to kings and queens.

Imagine my heart beating when the postman annouced in my gate:
"Senhor, a pack for you from Unidet States, a heavy one."

....a pack full of Dyckias!
Some of the best American hybrids! All fine and alive!
Snaggle Tooth was the first to come out...
A moment of joy we all want to last forever, a balsam to my spirit and as we say,
a crust on my open wound.
Me, my wife Raquel, my three fellow chow-chow dogs Billly (three "l"), Barão (Baron) and Willly we all got around the garden table..all five of us wagging tails.....
Moments we all want to last forever....
I feel some of this every time I look at this beauty here.
I keep on wondering on how many people  action was need for this to happen since the ancestors were taken from the wilderness, the long trips, the caring, the knowledge, the dreams....
...and I can only come to the conclusion: miracle!
I shall never stop saying to my HOWDY friend:
God bless you!


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