Feb 11, 2013

This is Dyckia fosteriana nivosa a regional form of fosteriana. This is the one I found  in a fig plantation close to Lapa in Paraná the Brazilian state just north from Santa Catarina and three and a half hours away from here.

Now I would like to share with you what I just got from Hawaii and left me with tears in my eyes.
As I did not asked for permission to show it here I won´t reveal the name of the sender.
I am so touched and moved.. I wanna say thanks, thanks and Aloha!

many thanks for your generosity and for allowing me to expand my collection with thee magic seeds from wonderful Brazil. I know that these will bring weeks, months, years of continued joy and after these get started I will get more seeds soon after. I would like to keep the seedlings moving along so that I would be able to handle all of the transplanting and movement of these little fellows each stage of growth. I am busily writing the tags with great care and mention that these came from you. 
I read your blog every day and even take this with me and read and look at the photos again and again. I read your posts each time as if it were the first time reading them. This is my Valentine's present! Thank you very much and I hope someone sends you something special for this week too!

Aloha and many thanks!"

Aloha!!! Aloha
This is for you my friend in Hawaii:


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