Jan 17, 2012

This is the best nectar one can feed a soul...

Guys: Look.... I am in seven heaveans.....this  is something  to carry  in my pocket to read it over and over and over...It is a message I´ve got by email and I need to share it with you:

                Thankfully the holidays have passed.Too much chaos and craziness -that's life with a wife and 5 children and their 3 in-law spouses and now two grandchildren and another due to arrive in early March.  Trying to meet the expectations and slowing down the pace is difficult. Now a chance to reflect and think a little.

                But before I go any further! I want to express my thanks and gratitude for your efforts to promote your passion of dyckias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry that certain individuals have taken advantage of you and your willingness to promote your passion. These individuals and  other barriers you perceive, do not influence my and many other individuals’ appreciation of your tremendous efforts and love. I encourage you to continue your stellar work. Even though, I communicate infrequently. I view your site daily. The enjoyment I receive in looking and learning from your postings is one of the highlights of the day!  The enthusiasm you communicate is infectious. For me, your site is a double edged sword! I seem to always come away with new or reinforced dreams of "HAVE TO HAVES"! The Pavlovian response kicks in- I start to drool only to face reality. Not happening! Maddening Patience and waiting are not my strengths by any stretch of the imagination! I seek and try and find!

From my perspective, your willingness to publish and write in English rather Portuguese is to be especially applauded. Communicating in one’s native language is tough but communicating in a second language is extreme! Thanks again!

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  1. I must agree...you have educated the many that want to know more about Dyckia. I look forward to visiting your Blog every day. I am better educated and more inform. Hurry up with that Dyckia book. Thanks - Clint