Jan 13, 2012

Hi, I am posting this mesage from my very first mobile PC. I must have it since I shall send pictures and written information to the followers of this Blog, (the largest and most comprehensive Dyckia document in the world.) directly from the field. The following March we are going to South on an American/Brazilian expedition to study and document some of the most beautiful Southern Dyckias.
I hope until there I can get acquainted to this device and be able to post the very best field pictures on Dyckias in  history. We shall see all the delicata grounds, the hebdingii ones, domfelianesis and many, many others.

We are alive when we dream,without dreams we merely walk from here to there. We are young when we dream, we are anything we might us be...but we must dream...
Constantino Gastaldi


  1. I hope you are able to collect seed from species in habitat, and offer them for sale. Thanks - Clint

  2. No. This is tremendously illegal here. I can collect them (just a very few) but not sell them.