Jan 18, 2012

Dyckia beateae

Dyckia beateae type

Dyckia beatea is one of the commonest  Mato Grosso species outside Brazil.
It is easily seen all around the world.
Beatea hardly gets  a charming  beautiful rosette.
It ca not be compared to those species we find here in the South.
Dyckia beateae almost always presents a distorted  figure.
It is a real challenge to produce a  well shaped  exemplar of Dyckia beateae.
Dyckia beatea was foun in Mato Grosso close to a giant rock and  science forgot to search on the rock.
There,on a flat area we find a most beautiful colored plant and most probably the  type form as it was described as type is a affinis of the real thing that live up on the rocks. 
Also recently another beateae was found in Barra do Garças all by chance by a cacti collector.
Both forms I will show here.
When the  name in Dyckia I do not trust  a rot tooth on what science says!!
Specially when the plant is described by someone who never set foot here or  is just a passer by.
I saw  hybrid cultivars being described as species..as my mother used to say: "Paper accepts anything, I trust the written word when I can read his eyes". She was born in 1912!!! She  would be a centennial if still alive...and concerning to that "science" and in another words and well updated ones: I give a shit!

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