Jan 21, 2012

Dyckia hb Alegria by Robson Lopes

Dyckia hb Alegria (joy) is an impeccable hybrid made from two of the most beautiful and hard to find Brazilian species, Dyckia tuberosa and Dyckia lindelvaldeae.
Dr. Robson is a young Brazilian botanist the lives in Espírito Santo. He is also the finder in nature and close by where he lives the mischievous Sinningia richii with yellow flowers science swore it lived somewhere in Mexico. The very same science that made most of our Dyckia descriptions. It did not count on Internet, certainly and as my mother used to say: "paper accepts just everything".
Internet is very fast...the moment I post this note people will be reading it and evaluating it. Nothing compares to the Internet that put us all together and one must think twice before intentionally being "distracted".

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