Jan 26, 2012

 True Dyckia goehringii sprout
Up to this very day I did not see any Dyckia goehring picture From outside Brazil.
What I saw are hybrids, pretty ones but not Dyckia goehringii.
They all show a Chanel wig like structure that  is peculiar to  all goehringii hybrids.
The true one never "wigs" and all this supposed to be are pale imitators when compared to the true one goheringii.The fake Dyckia goehring  appeared in North America apparently  from seeds collected in a Dyckia garden in São Paulo and from there it spread to Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, Europe.
This is common when a plant is too rare and almost impossible to get. all of a sudden it appears by the hundreds as a miracle. Open up your eyes and compare with all the many goehringii pictures I showed here so often. True Dyckia goheringii flowers are very similar to those of Dyckia estevessi and the flowers do not open fully to avoid dessication of their reproductive organs as these plants live in very xeric and hot ambient.
Flowers are pollinated during the night when it is very warm and the pollinating agents ate mops. Flowers do not even pollinate if it is not warm enough and we so not try it during the eve. So seed pods collected in Dyckia gardens are almost always  contains hybridized seeds as people do not wakes up in the middle of the night to try to pollinate Dyckia flowers that were isolated before.

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