Mar 28, 2012

Dyckia sp hebdingii affinis

This is one of the most spectacular Dyckia species.
It is a Dyckia hebdingii related plant and a blue and bigger one.
It was found in the middle of nowhere in the  hebdingii complex area.
The landlord said he order to destroy they close to his house buy the fear some domestic animals or his children could get harmed by them. He, after being told this was something to be very sorry for he told us some plants were still living  on top of a low hill in the middle of his lands.
Sure, after walking and walking we found the hill and the plants there were all  cut almost to the root buy the farmer sheeps. After being told about this plant the farmer agreed to transfer back some to their place close to his house. the plant is so white/blue it shine  from  a  big distance...something unbelievably beautiful.

I have  a few seeds you may order.


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