Mar 26, 2012

Dyckia hb Liz Taylor

This is a cross I made fifteen months ago from now.
Dyckia sp magnifica from Santa Catarina  X Dyckia delicata rubra.
These are young seedlings just a bit more than a year old.
Having in mind Dyckias just get better and better as time passes by 
these are bound to be splendid plants.  
Notice its form is already showing and those spines...
I have the very same seeds that produced these babies here. 
If you want them we can trade. Send me an email.

These plants were born the very day Liz Taylor died: March,23rd 2011.
 I hope this to be  a bit as beautiful as Liz was.
Imagine a human being that when using a beautiful and rare diamond made ​​it  
even more valuable and beautiful.
most renowned and famous jewelers made for her some of the most amazing jewelry  pieces ​​in the hope that she used them to make their work more valuable

Liz was even more brilliant than any of her jewelry and she was even better friend.  
She was holding hands with her friends when they visited hell. He walked beside them, holding their hands and their hopes. She was there for them. She donated their jewelry to the  research for the Light, for science ... hope.  
This is Dyckia hbLiz Taylor Dyckia...

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