Mar 31, 2012

Dyckia fosteriana-fosteriana Cultivar Nels Christianson

We does have some distint and distinctive fosterina forms in nature and all in Paraná some 260 kilometers north from here. The regional varieties as Sengés, Marialva produce beauties we can´t imagine when put together.
Nivosa is a regional  form and a much smaller one.
we can make many wonderful plants just buy mixing these plants, all fosteriana-fosteriana plants.
This one here is extremely white/blue cultivar and I named Nels Christianson form since he visited my garden to my garden coming all the way from LA.
These spines are rubbery soft and won´t harm you and reminds of Nels´ politeness and kindness, a gentleman and a mind we can not find  any to match. He also speaks a perfect Portuguese and this is the cherry atop the icecream....
Nels, this is  for you.


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