Mar 20, 2012

This is  unnamed Dyckia species from way down south in Rio Grande do Sul.
I showed its blooming here and there is nothing to compare.
Thousands of tiny yellow flowers attached to the many branches of a flower stalk taller than a man.
 ..and better of all: it is a Dyckia and this means it won´t rot itself buy blooming.
Dyckias are forever and they do not succumb to its own flowers...incomparable!
..and also a fine and most appreciated hint: it loves some cold and  is fond of light frosts.
Light frosts are those the do no endure the daylight. The plant freezes by the evening and goes so till the sun rises when the ice layer melts. It just loves these refreshments.

NOW, I HAVE SEEDS. I am quite sure this is  the first time in history seeds are available.

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