Mar 28, 2012

Dyckia ferruginea

Dyckia ferruginea

This is the type form and a big plant. Not as big as most of the southern species but big.
Flowers are almost impossible to be pollinated here in the South as the plant need high temperature to be fertile. It blooms in full winter here.
The sepals are very hirsute hence the name ferugineas ´cause this fur is rust like in color.
Ferruginea meas rusty.

The plant below is a Dyckia ferruginea too but look how white it is!
No, not a hybrid!!!!

One of the most impressive plants in my garden.
I would like to marry this to a goehringii and also with a marnier-lapostollei.
The resulting plants would de extremely white and beautiful.
Imagine my Dyckia hb Dancing Dervish (goehring X marnier-lapostollei).
Dreams...they keep me alive....


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