Oct 27, 2011

Dyckia ibiramensis a wonderful reofitic species from Santa Catarina

Dyckia ibiramensis
This is a reofitic species as brevifolia.
It lives by and also within a rocky river bed, Rio Itajaí do Norte or Rio Hercílio between Ibirama and Dalbérgia in Santa Catarina.
Extremely rare I was the one to introduce it to the mortals.
I sent seeds of it to Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and United States in order
to guarantee the plant will be around.

This plant was named and described by Father Raulino Reitz.
He dedicated his life to the bromeliad study.
Here he was known as the Father of the Bromeliads.
He was a Catholic Father, Professor, Scientist, Politic and an adventurer.
Died by heart stroke during a public ceremony in his behalf in the city of Itajaí.

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