Mar 6, 2011

Two beautiful Brittle Stars...all man made ones

Two of the most beautiful man made xeric bromeliads:
The stunning red Orthophytum Brittle Star brought from somewhere over the rainbow
by  Lisa Vinzant  on the left and the right side is occupied by the  most famous and desired
Bill Baker made Dyckia Brittle Star.
Thanks to my friends Steve and Paul...dreams and miracles well tied together.
I just never get tired looking at those masterpieces. left toes are there to be seen and emphasize the human in here.
We can make wonders, miracles, friends and continue being wonderfully human.

Dreamers...some relied on canvas, paper, cameras, marble, stages...streets, cities, gardens...
painters, poets and writers, film makers, sculptors, actors, designers, architects, gardeners...
just the few among the rarest  made living masterpieces...

When I see this I know: yes! We can make it!
Life is ever worthwhile.
Somewhere over the rainbow is here...
We can make  this world  a better place...
Let us do it.

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