Mar 15, 2011

Flower of the once know here as giant Dyckia marnier-lapostolley.
a plant native to Goiás in fact a giant Dyckia sp marnier-lapostollei affinis still
in the need of a proper name.
Fantastic and beautiful this plant was never seen  out of Brazil.
I have a big array of home made hybrids now getting also beautiful bu their turn.
Look the ant.
Ants command a very important role in pollinating Dyckias.

Now the Autumn days are closer and the temperatures are mild here in South.
Flying polinators are few these cloudy days and also as magic there is no other Dyckia at bloom.
More than three hundred different plants in species and hybrids and the only flower around is this one. A very rare moment in my garden. 
This announces the cold the gets closer and closer and we may have some mild frosts this year and deep snow in the west on the uphills where some of the best looking Southern Dyckias live..

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