Mar 10, 2011

Dyckia ferruginea a big White one from Mato Grosso

Dyckia ferruginea
Here a note must be necessary.
This plant was collected in wilderness! But not only was collected by
one who preaise beauty and not just the new.
This plant her is totally gold/silver covered and it is unique!!!
Normally  a Dyckia ferruginea is much paler.
This happens with D. goeringii, argentea, excelsa and others.
I berlive this is one of the main reasons we find very drab plants in Botnaic Gardens claiming to be 
the first one to be recognized as such or such. Collectors just took those  easier to be carried or so.
We by our turn, we are concerned to beauty.
We are not worried nor hurried with a name to be "eternized". We are in serch of the beauti+ful and 
the full the better.
Nature does not face future with an army of the very same looking individuals.
What a childish is to think so.
Nature faces nature with a vast array of different characteristics spread among  individuals of a very same population.
We only  have to have eyes to see and will to search.
Dyckias are among the most  unique genus in ts terms. Dyckias are settlers and they are getting naturally vanished from  earth. They bring the forest to their habitat by making soil! Once the forest is installed they succumb to the shadows.
Dyckias are not daisies!!!!!
Think of it...a bit.
One will never find sameness among Dyckias unless the population is to short.
There are some exemptions as Dyckia encholilioides that is a very stable plant as itr grows where the forest will never go( too close to the see water.) Even so we know th exist threes recognizable  encholirioides varieties.
The childish view over Dyckias must  be reorganized as they are not marigolds nor pansies or daisies.

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