Mar 30, 2011

A gringo in my garden and a lesson for life......

...he kept on saying I am about fainting, drop dead, never even in my dream I imagined this...
I wished my friends were here with us...
This was said in a most  impeccable Portuguese!
The day was a cloudy one and there was some drizzle but even so 
we managed to accomplish our goals. 
He is a Brazil fan and a deep scholar in Brazilian issues. This brave Californian
is a walking lesson on kindness, knowledge and wisdom.
His mouth dropped around my garden and mine while listening and watching him 
around it.
His visit lasted a bit more than 24 hours and I can say I am now a bit better a man than before.
His visit was a honoring blessing.
Nels, may God bless you and all those  you come close and please, consider
this your garden in Brazil.
A smooth flight back to Santa Monica and may your many
granddaughter´s toys  safely reach the Land of Milk and Honey.
Thanks Nels, I am pleased!
Steve, there is  a piece in  our garden full of your gifts to me.
Paul, your part in here is as much large.
I am a kid just now. I can not count the many times
I go out just to look a the the new Californian  preciosities you once more
were able to make find their way to me.
Thanks. I am a 8 years old boy.
Nels promised me to be back soon and this time  bring Steve and Paul...
...ahh they won´t believe their eyes he said.

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