Mar 17, 2011

A brand new found Dyckia species

This is a new found species from Mato Grosso.
This plant lives on a very famous rocky area close to Cuiabá the state capital.
This plant present some  important curiosities:
I comes exactly from the geodesic center of South America where the Atlantic and the Pacific can´t  be farer apart. This plant grows in the heart of South America.
Also it is a plant that has finished its role a living being. Dyckias are settler plants. They bring  live to the nude rocks. Of course this may take thousands of years or more but once they finish their job they are killed by the shadows produced by the grasses and rocks these plants helped to come.
Thisplant is the only one Dyckia known up to now that fears strong Sunshine!!!
It burns and dies in full Sun!! This is tremendously weird and odd for a Dyckia.
It is adapted to a more shadowed condition.
Even here in South it can´t take the midday Sun without burning.
Look at the leaves here. Even protected it up turns the edges of the leaves to present the endumented
under leaf and protect the leaves from the Sun.
This plant is quite a finding as it is the perfect match to be mixed to those that need strong light.
It will produce Dyckias to be grown in a more shadowed place.
One of the most interesting Dyckias.
Here initiating bloom.

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