Jul 1, 2016

Dyckia sp apiunensis

Dyckia sp  apiunensis

Yes, it is a brand new species!
I t was found by Dr. Vilson Müller, Dr. Alexandre Paulo Kinas and me in Apiúna-SC, Brazil. 
A small Vale do Itajaí charming town.
It was found living downtown  Apiúna!!!!
There is a huge granitic block downtown the city known as Morro Dom Bosco. The plant lives on the facing North par and this is a very very steep one. Most of this face  facing North (the sunny one)is vertical and one needs a specialized alpinist climber (very specialized cragsman) to reach them.
We got close and even pictures we could not take for I was using feet and hands to get alive on the rock. as Dr. Walter Kranz says here in Brazil:
"There are are many new Dyckia species to be found. Up to now we just saw what we can step on and those living on the vertical wall, those we take as grasses from bellow, we do not even touched."
Well this is one of those untouchable ones.
This explains a new species living downtown a city without being  seen and recognized as new.

Some individual are extremely colorful and those 
are there out of the reach of a mortal guy... on that vertical face.

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