Jul 5, 2016

Have u ever dreamed of a place far away up from it all? Have you been to paradise where Dyckias grow? Here´s my Lost Horizon

No, not in Canada or USA.
This is Brazil some 66 km away from my home and close to the clouds.

Dyckia monticola rubra

Here I was at 1.00 metres high, the goal is the pic over there,
 right on top of it, well on those rocks up there and I am breathless.

Yes, I brought seeds!

Yes, a typical Dyckia habitat. 

Think of a tired guy, this is me close to 2.000 meters high South in Brazil.
 The day was warm, thanks to the sun shining bright clear.
I must loose weight!!!! I can not be a climber this way.
Simply there was not enough air to breath after climbing almost 2.000 meters and walking more than 6 km. ...but I was in Paradise...at last.

Dyckia monticola variegated arco-íris form.
A sight hard to believe my eyes.


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