Jun 30, 2016

Now a fantastic and spectacular finding here: Dyckia monticola rubra form var. arco-íris (Rainbow Dyckia monticola rubra)

Above pictured by Dr. Alexandre Paulo Kinas  at 1.666 meters high. 
This real beauty is a treasure, no doubt.

This historical finding was made  a week ago from today by 
Dr. Vilson Müller and Dr. Alexandre Paulo Kinas.
They were on  granitic  rocks  at 1.660 meters in altitude.
These are Dyckia monticola rubra form var. arco-íris.

We have a schedulled visit to the place.
Temperatures up there  are always close to freezing during daytime and
 well bellow this during night time.
Frosts, snow and sincelo are come facts during winter in such altitude.
The mountain is some 52 km away from my garden.
We do not know the color behavior of this magnificent plant.
We believe it may present many yellow shades, pinkish, reddish and dark areas.

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