Jul 7, 2016

Dyckia monticola gloriosa, the most spectacular Dyckia on the planet is gone forever from nature.

Dyckia monticola var. gloriosa from Campo Alegre, 
Santa Catarina, Brazil is gone forever in nature.
Nature and my heart are both devastated! 
When I found this  outstanding wonder of nature I was mesmerized by its color 
and though it would not go forever. 
I  imagined it would  go away when the plant got under cultivation.
I was wrong, the color is true!!! It never fades.
There was just one plant in nature and I did my best to reintroduce it. 
They turned to be more than two dozen in four years in nature.
Now the sad news:All that fantastic Dyckia field is destroyed. 
A company is building  a huge campestre hotel right there. 
A wide road  was made and many protected by law Araucaria brasiliensis trees 
were destroyed,  put down. These Brazilian pine trees are illegal to be cut off no matter
 they are but money has always done the unthinkable here. 
The company got the license to kill what should be preserved.
 I am so devastated I can not  go there to take pictures to show you...
...simply my heart would not resist....
Dyckia monticola var. gloriosa only exists in my garden 

and somewhere around the globe whose seed buyers got lucky to have it
 for the plant does not breed true and hardly a seed will develop this looks.
Some will but just a mere minimal percentage of the seeds produced.
It is a variation and not a stable one. 

Dyckias are so, they are playing there last cards in order to survive
and people are their best friends and also their most terrible enemies.


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