Jan 21, 2013

Joinville - Santa Catarina - Brazil, jan 21st 2013

It is 05:00 AM.
Raquel, Sérgio and me we are bond to the seashore.
We shall see a new place for Dyckia encholirioides spinosissima.
It was only found on a place close to the Atlantic sea no larger than my garden.
This is a very very special Dyckia and we intent to make good pictures to show you here.
Temperature  now is 21 C. This is balmy!
Weather cloudy here in Joinville but is is supposed to be fair by the sea shore some 70km from here.
Till later.


Well,I am back from the coast and no picture was taken.
Dyckias are so. This time what prevented us from getting close to the Dyckias was not the weather but the sea...We need ebb tide and we could not wait for it to allow us to pass by the small sea canal.
But we learned  exactly how to get there and where they are.
Sorry. Dyckias are so. Next time we shall succeed.

Joinville, Jan 22nd 2013.


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