Jan 27, 2013

Dyckia nigrospinulata

Dyckia nigrospinulata.
Just seeing the floral stalk one can assure the plant comes from South in Brazil.more precisely
from Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul border.

Notice the size of the flowers.
This indicates a very ancient Dyckia species.
The first Dyckias on Earth were so!
Dyckias originated south  in Brazil and migrated up North and they went under
many modifications along the way.
The went till close to the right margin of the mighty Amazon River.. Some got back and these are the most recent ones in the evolutionary history of Dyckias.
Unlike Africa we here had no extensive grasslands but Dyckia fields.
This helps us to understand the absence of large mammals in Brazil.....
Dyckias are capable of explaining many facts.
The more we know about them the more we know about our existence....
Dyckias here migrated with the ice eras....
Nothing carries their seeds today but a strong wind like a cyclone.
In remote times Dyckias were spread by now long ago gone mammals...
Today Dyckias have no spreader, no carrier agent...they are all condemed to extintion!!!

Knowledge is our stairway to Heavens.
The more we know the more we realize we  know just almost nothing....
Knowledge that does not turns us into better beings is no knowledge.
If I could live forever I would easily come into the conclusion that it would be not enough for the Universe are in constant transformation.
Living and dying are the instruments of The Evolution, the way God understands perfection.
Living forever would be the topmost cruelty.
I do love the knowing that leads me to knowledge...this undertanding is crucial for me to understand you...
I do love you, no matter where you are and not even who lives in your dreams. We are all directed into  a better being....
I am honored with your visit and pleased to be able to say something beyond the commom obvious.
Understanding nature is a step ahead to heaven.....


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