Jan 19, 2013

Dyckia gloriosa, the one I love the most!

Dyckia gloriosa
The glorious one!

Spectacular .
An only one in nature. I brought it home and now in nature we have plenty of these.
I made seedlings, strong ones and got them back to nature.
This plant  i am observing and describing it, myself!
It is my pride and honour!

It was found on a magic and paradisiac place uphills in Northeast Santa Catarina.
It has a story a few minds will believe.
I saw this plant during  a dream day before finding it.
Just three slashes of red shinning amid the tall fine leaved dry grass.
the instant I saw it in nature the dream came clearly in my mind and I got dizzy. 
The instant were the shortest by seemed to last forever.
I am sure not!

I have seeds under request...


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