Jan 17, 2013

Dyckia donafranciscae in situ

This is Dyckia donafranciscae.

It is not described officially and this is a rare opportunity to see it in nature. a rare and stunning beautiful Dyckia species. The name comes from the first owner of these lands, The Portuguese Royal Princess Dona Francisca.

Below you can see the ferns that grow amid these Dyckias.
Notice the rock and the lichens.

This is 49 kilometers from where I live.

I think this plant is  a stunning beautiful one.
Compare it with my hand. Adult flowering plants, in face very old ones.

Here you seed it amid grasses.
In winter it freezes here and frosts are  common. 
The cold keeps the grasses at bay.

Lichens and mosses.

Here the green ones Dyckia donafranciscae.
 Would those seen before  be the rubra form?



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