Jan 18, 2013

Santa Catarina Northeast Uphills

The rock is volcanic!
This is solidified Lava. 
The moss carpet is the place where Dyckias seeds germinate.

This is Puffy, she guard us from the mountain lion. Yes We saw one there some years ago.
they feed on the lambs farmers keep there nearby. 

Dyckia up there forming a clump.


A native sinningia species...

Puffy is thinking "why this came from?"
This is a hook set by climbers. Here they tie their ropes.
We climbed up there by the easy way  from the West side, a quite easy climbing.

Here you see an old tube that conducted water to the town. Not anymore in use
The alien pine is Pinus elliotis from USA, a plague.

Here you can spot Dyckias and a wonderful colored bromeliad on the rocky wall.
Also you see a Brazilian Araucaria tree by the right down there.


The rock is volcanic and you can see the lava waves literally petrified there.


Puffy decided it was more than fair to  have a pleasant bath...

This small and romantic scene right in the middle of the Dyckias field.
The dam was brick built in 1902 and it was used to generate electricity to illuminate the small town of Campo Alegre , today 6.000 souls only.



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