Sep 27, 2011

Dyckia hb White Fang X Dyckia hbRichard Kaz

This beauty is recovering from a traumatic journey all the up North in California to Joinville,
Santa Catarina South in Brazil.
You can notice the old Californian leaves and the new Brazilian ones showing the father plant inheritance.
It is only beginning the showing....
White Fang is a dazzling one plant and this beauty is even better possessed.
It just need some time and a Summer as it took two winters in a row....

Thanks my friend in Encino, California Land of Dreams.....
This is not a gift to a mortal guy as I am..this is a gift for Kings!
This has many folds its value as it was a gift.... it was brought into my hands by another Californian friend.
A friend so in Love to Brazil he manages to speak Portuguese as fine as I do myself.
I love you both!

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