Sep 18, 2011

Dyckia brevifolia, collected by the Itajaí river in Subida.

Dyckia brevifolia

Hardly any other Dyckia plant produced so many striking beautiful hybrids.
It is a reofitic one, used to grow on bare rocks so close to running white waters
they are submersed seasonally.
Also this plant has a very beautiful architecture no mater as a single and solitary plant or as
a large population.

Dyckia brevifolia forms dense mats that covers the rocks and follows the form of it
like a giant Deuterocohnia. A vast population at full bloom is a sight to be seen and never forget.
Thousands of  yellow flowers attached to tall flowers stems attracting  the hummingbirds..
The fast running withe waters close by and the hummingbirds frenzy.....buzzing....a spring celebration.

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