Sep 25, 2011

Dyckia delicata , dive your eyes in sheer beauty.....

Dyckia delicata
One of the most highlight points on these plants is the fact they are multileafet, this means
they do bear much more leaves than a normal Dyckia would present.
Multi leafet plants are all native to South in Brazil.

These pictures were taken in July 2010.
Today this very same plant has two heads and is much bigger and also makes plans to bloom.

Note in the picture above the older leaves are relatively wider than the new ones.
Young plants tend to have broader leaves and the seedlings to not show  these
beauytiful narrow fat and large spined leaves of an adult plant.

the variety or the delicata variety that  seems to preserve its broader leaves till adulthood is Dyckia delicata
argyrophylla. It is also a slighthely bigger plant

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