Sep 20, 2011

Dyckia reitzii are scented, a pleasent perfume....

Dyckia reitzii, wonderful bloom...scented, perfumed...
The flowers spread their perfume all around...a sweet, mild and extremely pleasant one...
Dyckia reitzii lives South in Brazil just where the winter is very very cold and temperatures can drop to more than -20 degrees Celsius. This is cold anywhere! The palnt is an alpine one and habits just the highest mountains here. The plant needs cold in order to bloom properly and  also to keep itself alive. It won´t stant continuous summertimes weather. Also we have populations of  these plants far distant from each other as they habit only over 1000 meter high mountains. So we find it in Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The three Brazilian Southern States. Every place of its occurency we have some regional differences. The East in Paraná ones have smaler and dep red flowers. The Santa Catarina ones are the type form and in Rio Grande do sul we have smaller red ones and silver ones. The species must be studied in all its populations and we do not know much about it. We just lifted a bit of the veil that hangs over it.
What a wonderful reasearch this would be!
This is a mountain plant.
This year Joinville where I live in Santa Catarina was presented by a unusual cold winter. 
We had many  light frosted mornings and this induced this plant to bloom beautifully.

This is extremely rare among Dyckias as normally their flowers are scentless.
Here you see most of the flowers already making fruits or seed pods.
These are all self made as the plant is capable of  self fertilizing its flowers without any help
from pollinator agents. In nature pollinator agents assure gernetics health as they mix
far apart individual genetics information otherwise could not be possible to meet in order to interact.

Here these flowers were closed insid brown paper bags to make us sure the pollen was theirs.
I want no other interference so my friends overseas can get pure  strain seeds.
I do used its pollen in many, many other emasculated flowers to get novelties.

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