Sep 30, 2011


Dyckia sp from Lagoão-RS
No, not yet described but it seems to be a delicata related...

Deep colored fed wine.....long teeth....
This was one of the species I collected seeds in Wilderness and just one small plant
Seeds are always a better and a wise one. You bring many possibilities back home and 
in fact you are a we steps ahead as you do not have to wait that plant to acclimatize and
get into the mood for blooming for you maybe to get true seeds.
Once you have the chance to collect in wilderness, prefer seeds to adult plants.
this way I have so many different colored Lagoão and I would never be able to bring half those plants...
Seeds under any point of view are  a fantastic better choice than wild plants.
You take more, the plants acclimatize promptly AND YOU CAN BE BOLD ENOUGH TO BE SELECTIVE.

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