May 22, 2010

Dyckia burle-marxii

Dyckia burle-marxii is a cloudy plant and a very hard to understand one.
The plant was described using a cultivated specimen.
It was not used a wild one plant to describe the species.
The plant used for description was under cultivation in a well known garden in Rio de Janeiro, the Burle-marxii Garden.
Burle-marxi was a world famous landscaper and artist in all senses.
He  kept no register, no data about this plant so no one never found the local where this plant lived in wilderness. All Dyckia burle-marxii we may see are results or doubtfull results from seeds collected from  cultivated plants in Rio de Janeiro. All open polinated seeds!
This one here is the closest to a wild form we can get. But we can not be 100% sure this is the very same plant that dwells in Burle-marxii garden.
This plant  came from a very high and vertical granitic slope in a central Cerrado area. These were plants grown amid a cultivated field from seeds that were blown by the wind from an impossible to reach population.

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