May 30, 2010

Dyckia goehringii and its bloom

One of the most spectacular  plants Dyckia goehringii is a 
 Dream plant to any collection.
It is a non self-fertile plant hence the hybrids we see being called dyckia goehringii.
As many Dyckias originated from Central Brazil Cerrado area the flowers do not open and just 
a tiny hole is found amid the petals enough to get in a one songle thread like structure of
 a very specialized insect or a very long one single thread paint brush.
Some Haworthia  keepers use a cat wisker.
Hope a jaguar one is not needed here. Fact is these flowers are very  difficult to be manipulated by the polinator mind.
This is one of the rare occasions where the clumped plant gets even prettier. The sprouts are produced with a very and extra long trunk jus to allow the  young plant to live away from the mother one a get enough Sun. All white or silver plant are extra Sun  addicted.

The three first flowers are fertilized. As the plant is not a self-fertile I used pollen from that 
beautiful big Dyckia marnier-lapostollei affinis to pollinate these three first flowers.
A second Dyckia goehring is about to open its own flowers ant this will allow the making of true seeds. A unique occasion indeed as we are dealing with rarities.

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