May 13, 2010

Dyckia reitzii ...the Dyckia from the snow......

Dyckia reitzii in the mood for blooming...
This is a very peculiar Dyckia species. It bears many  peculiarities, its spines are unique as well as its blooms and leaves. You won´t mistake it for any other Dyckia once you see it.
As a mountain dweller it is used to rigorous  low temperatures.
In Its habitat in Santa Catarina was registered the lowest recorded Brazilian Temperatures
almost -20 degrees Centigrades.
But always remember, here in Santa Catarina we have such colds only way up the highest mountains...precisely where Dyckia reitzii lives. Such temperatures will never last longer than just a few days.
The plant definitively is used to cold and snow and forsts...but do not keep it in such conditions for weeks and months in a will die!!!

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