Jan 18, 2010

Dyckia.... Dyckia....what? Which are not Dyckia platyphylla here?

Which one?
The very first one on top is supposed to be Dyckia platyphylla.
Dyckia platyphylla was never found in nature, anywhere.
Dyckia platyphylla is in fact a hybrid as all the others below that very first here in this post.
They are named Dyckia Mundo and were done by myself. They are
Dyckia marnier-lapostollei Bahia and Dyckia brevifolia from Itajaí-açu River Valley
in Santa Catarina.
This seems to be one more taxonomic pearl to be inserted on that  three volutes bead neck lace
hanging down to the Botanics umbilicus (bellybottun).
This is not a plain bead my dearest but a shinning big black pearl the size of a marble.

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