Jan 29, 2010

Dyckia atratiflora

Wow, now I have Dyckia atratiflora (attractive blooming) !
The plant is  not any attractive and the flower itself also.
The petals are very dark colored and this is hard to find in Dyckias.The petals even do not open fully.
Hard to find is not necessarily attractive but...this is it, attractive or not I have it.
What about trying a Dyckia reitzii ( This does bears attractive flowers!) and this one?
Humm.. that would be attractive for sure.
Those above are lateral shoots of Dyckia atratiflora and ther is much to go ahead in order to bloom.
The adult plant itself is a graceless one but there is nothing that can´t be fixed with a small brush
and the help of a true beautiful and attractive  Dyckia.

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