Jan 31, 2010

Those who like it silver, shinning silver...

Dyckia species from Southwest Goiás
Found in nature by a Cacti lover this proved to be a fantastic plant.
This plant also produces stolons and this is curious at least.
Flowers has not appeared up to now but we already see begenings of flower stalks.

We are bond to see many unpublished and unseen new Dyckia species.
Dyckias are kind of last chance to some some "eternize" their funny names.
I do think human names could have a better use with hybrids and the species should get Latin ones 
indicating some peculiarity to the plant. That would be much more scentific no doubt.
Human names should be used with extreme parsimony and in just extra extraordinary cases.
We can see today the entire families names given to new described plants. This makes wonder of the family parrot´s name. What about a Dyckia korupako? It would not be so weird... 
A Dyckia antoniusii would mean nothing but a Dyckia corallina means collored as  the coral.
All in all this is all Human...this is all fun ( Future may not take as that.)
What really counts: beauty...and this Dyckias have lots!

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