Jan 11, 2010

Dyckia delicata - Barros Cassal - Rio Gande do Sul

Dyckia delicata
This is one of the most beautiful Dyckias of all.
It is a very restricted Dyckia species and even so some differences are very noticeable among the individuals.

These Dyckias are almost inaccessible by plain common mortals and the only population at almost normal reach is composed by individuals fallen from an above population that lives attached to a vertical cliff far higher. This reacheable population lies on very instable rocks that have been detached from the cliff above. Shrubs, trees, vines and very instable rocks all add to a very dangerous almost vertical site.
Dyckias are very shadowed by the bushes and grasses.
The real look of the plants from this population is only revealed after cultivation under  a more normal
sunny position for at least two years otherwise the shadowed plants will fool you.

The normal looking individuals are far above this fallen individuals and no one can get there without rock climbing skills and  appropriated  climbing gear. Recently we have found other two populations on two other moutains close to this first one spot. Both are also on North facing vertical crags.
Curious enough a local gentle farmer said those cliffs are so dangerous even goats must be helped to get down when some his herd get lost. Two of his goats died from falling down those cliffs.
Goats are to be the most expert climbers.

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