Sep 9, 2013

the two known forms of Dyckia reitzii rubra

Dyckia reitzii rubra 

This is the "old"one and even so it is so unexpected the moment I´ve came to know of it I said no, this is not reitzii. I was wrong!  this is the form from Fortaleza Canyon right in the border of the southernmost Brazilian states.It is a very cold area where snow is a common place as well as frosts. Severe frosts can kill the plant.
Survive the individuals among the bushes or grasses. the type green form is more resistant to severe frosts than its rubra counterpart.

This is a spectacular plant. I am going to produce self pollinated seeds and also I will cross it with the other reitzii rubra form. 
I will diferenciate the new hybrid as Dyckia reitzii rubra Constantino. Yes, I am making it long before the cross is made. Yes, I can, I may and I will! Who else in the world has these two rubra forms blooming at the very same time?


Dyckia reitzii rubra new form
Look it is blooming!.
The marks in its leaves are due to ice. Frosts can burn this way this plant.
Deep frosts reduce the plant foliage to straw but the plant may survive.
Nothing is without meaning in nature, when we saw in early winter the grasses almost covering the rubra one we had to think over why. Those in the open perish during the severe frosts. 


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