Sep 29, 2013

Dyckia braunii ....defying imagination

Dyckia braunii is a small charming and rare plant from the centre area of Brazil.
It grows in a very restricted area up North Brasília in Goiás State close to the border to Tocantins State.
some plants can be found in Germany thanks to Pierre Braun and Eddie Esteves works.
It bears black small teeth.
the odd and curious here is the way the plant  produces seeds, a true oddity amid Dyckias.
Adult plants emit more than one flower spikes at a time.
They are very slender and wine like. When the seed pods get formed these spikes tend to fall to the ground.
It is as the plant would not like its seeds to be carried by the wind to a farer place.


Flowers are showing their petals, time to work!

Engineering, creativity and a bit of imagination do the magic of getting true pure seeds.
I will use its pollen in a reitzii rubra flowers and vice-versa, a bit of reitzii pollen here too.
Controlled fertilization of rarities.
Do you want some?
They will be ready  in a month and a half.


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  1. So very interesting, and makes sense how unsupported the flower stems are