May 18, 2012

Dyckia hb Stardust

Brevifolia and marnier-lapostollei produced many different looks, as Brasília which bears red/blood spines,
Chão de Estrelas and the notorious platyphylla. Yes, platyphylla is a hybrid!!! It was never, never found in nature. It is a plant found under  cultivation in Rio Grande do Sul and produced by an accidental cross among  brevifolia and marnier-lapostollei plants.
The idea a hybrid Dyckia does not breed true is not always correct. Some hybrids  breeds true and some true species may present variations in their breeds.
Dyckia hebdingii, for instance, it is a true species and even in wilderness we find  different looks of it in a very same population.
Dyckias!!!! We´ve only just begun to remove the veil on them....

 For now please listen to this.
I love this tune and satchmo (Satch Mouth). No male voice compares to his.
He loved Latin America music and we all loved him.


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