May 10, 2012

Dazzling beautiful Brazil made Hybrids....

Dyckia hb Alegria (Joy) by Robson Lopes
Dyckia tuberosa X Dyclia lindelvaldeae
Impressive in all aspects
A queen!

Dyckia hb Fantasma (Ghost) by Constantino Gastaldi
Dyckia goehringii X Dyckia  fosteriana cv fosteriana-fosteriana
Maybe the whitest of all Dyckias or nothing can be whiter than this. A multileafed beauty.
It is about blooming  and I intend to cross it with Dyckia hb Tante.
This ball shape are transmitted by goehringii mother plant..
All ball shaped plants that resembles a goheringii are hybrids. 
The true species is not ball shaped
but it transmits this to its hybrids.

Dyckia fosteriana cv fosteriana-fosterina Star of Brazil  by Constantino Gastaldi
 Two regional fosteriana varieties met here.Color and whiteness in the right proportion.
This balance makes it extremely pleasant to the eyes.

Dyckia hb Tante by A. Grade
Dyckia pectinata X Dyckia lindelvaldeae
This a  something like perfection  with leaves. Small, it fits on one´s hand and white shinning.
Presents beautiful teeth and they are rubbery soft as those of Dyckia pectinata.
I have seeds to produce F2


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