May 21, 2012

The BBB+B Beast is doing fine in its new castle....

Unnamed Blue, Big, Bold, Blue Beast  feeling at home in it new super castle.
These Vietnamese  pots are super expensive here but
 Her Majesty Queen of All Southern Rocky Slopes HM QASRS deserves every bit of it.

Empty I can not move this pot alone as it is a backbone  breaker itself and also a pocket
emptier,  it costs the eyes of one´s face.
..but it was worthwhile all the efforts, look how happy it is emitting new roots all over...
I hope this will drive it into the mood for blooming....

Look, notice the new rooting roots..

This regal beauty is among the rarest creatures on Earth. It grows just in one  small part of a rocky slope  close to the city of São Marcos in Northern Rio Grande do Sul.
I weant it  to bloom here as it is one of the mos beautiful plants I´ve seen, besides being a Dyckia which means it will never die from blooming .
Besides being bhig it show one of the most beautiful shapes in Dyckias also it is a pollyleafed species.


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